The Styling

The perfect hairstyle is hard to come by. Stylist have to take into account their hair texture and length to get that perfect braid or twist for the bride. The hair finishes off the overall look and beauty of the bride and that hair needs to stay well in place for the pictures, the ceremony and the reception afterwards. It's a wonder how stylist do it but we all know that a few pins can go a long way. The hair may look soft and flawless but we girls know the amount of hairspray that went into that hair and we know for sure that it is not moving anytime soon. If the hair is finished and looking flawless the bride can now slip into her lovely wedding dress with a care because she knows her hair looks amazing!


Boys and Their Boutonnieres

No tux is complete without the Boutonniere! They're beautiful, little flowers that add just a small dash of beauty to the men's suits. They can be subtle or they can be loud, either way we enjoy the lovely little things. 

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Have Some Fun

Weddings are beautiful and a beautiful celebration for two people starting out on a grand journey together. Truthfully, weddings can be a bit hectic while planning and creating such a tremendous  moment so we at Arden Photography try to keep everyone laughing on a day that will be forever remembered. Here are some highlights of the best bloopers of our weddings!

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It's the Little Things

There is a lot that goes into creating a wedding. We like to slow down and enjoy the little things that happen. One small thing that means a tremendous amount is when the bride and groom exchange gifts or letters. The love they have for each other are represented by the carefully thought out words on the page or the meaningful gift that they pick out for each other. Whichever they do we love capturing the tender moment between the loving couple.

All Mighty Mother

Mothers do a lot. They're the strongest, kindest and most dedicated people we know. She goes through thick in thin for her daughter or son so it is only natural that the mother gets a special role during a wedding. We would like to thank all the mothers of the brides and grooms out there who do anything and everything for their child. 

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A Man's Best Friend

We love our brides and we love their dresses but we also love the accessories that each bride adds to their dress. Every bride adds a little something whether it be a momento from a parent or grandparent, a gift from the groom, or a beautiful piece of jewelry they found that completed the dress. What ever the reason we still love every bit of it. 

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Flower Girls and Ring Bearers

If you are like us then you have a soft spot for the little ones. We can't help but love them! Flower girls and the ring bearers are the cutest thing and we just want to share the adorable faces so everyone can have a little smile.

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The Difference Between

Everyone knows and has seen a traditional wedding. The 'traditional' wedding is rooted in Christian traditions but not everyone follows those traditions. Everyone is different in their own beautiful way. So today we would like to celebrate the weddings that are different because of either faith or culture. The ceremony is for the couple to showcase their love and devotion to one another so as long as they are happy, we are happy to help photograph the truly special moment in their lives. 

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Make It Shiny

We love our brides and we love their dresses but we also love the accessories that each bride adds to their dress. Every bride adds a little something whether it be a momento from a parent or grandparent, a gift from the groom, or a beautiful piece of jewelry they found that completed the dress. Whatever the reason we still love every shiny bit of it. 

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Besides the Cake

We all know that the cake is the main event at the wedding, you know, besides the actual ceremony. We've seen many beautiful cakes but let's take a look at the other fun desserts that grace the tables at the reception. 

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The Groom

When you think of weddings what is the first thing that comes to mind? Flowers? The color white? Cake? Normally you would think of the bride, right? Let us not forget someone who is just as important, the groom. He too get to dress up and look his best so let us take a moment to celebrate the men who do the waiting at the altar! It's their day too. 

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We at Arden Photography love weddings, obviously, but there is always a certain charm that each couple brings to their wedding. It could be the arrangement of flowers or the color palette they choose. Whatever the case, we love it but there is one small detail that not every wedding has. One thing that is custom made for that couple. Personalized Koozie! It's just a little cute keepsake that the guests get to cherish long after the wedding is over and we love them!


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A Little Peak

Let's take a look back on one of the many beautiful weddings we had the pleasure to photograph!